You think it’s Reality? Welcome to X-Plane

X-Plane is a Flight Simulator made much more economic thanks to its community which gives free creation to the whole user of the Sim. The scenes made by the community is often high-quality and totally free (sometimes with a Donate button that I encouraged you to use when you like the works). There is a cruel lack of publishers on this platform but we can however reach excellent results, often impressive, especially with the Photorealistic textures and the autogen.

SkyMaxx Pro V.4

SkyMaxx Pro V.4


Mesh AlpilotX + W2XP + OrthoPhoto ZL17

Mesh AlpilotX + W2XP + OrthoPhoto ZL17

CYBD Bella Coola de Beti-X

X-Plane scenaries :

To enrich your experience of flight on X-Plane, it will be necessary, as on P3D, to add reliefs, landscapes and textures. In Term of relief, AlptilotX realized by Andras Fabian allowed all the community of X-Plane to benefit from excellent quality Mesh and totally free. You also have Simheaven who proposes you W2XP (World 2 X-Plane), an autogen of very good quality, often updated and free. Add to this Libraries, Airports textures, Airports, Photorealistic textures and you have an excellent Landscape and Free !

I advice you to add to Sky and Clouds textures, SkyMaxx Pro & XEnvirro, who are recent publishers for X-Plane, propose some very beautiful products, not free this time, but really fantastics. Clouds and sky are very accomplished, with very beautiful textures, maybe not so attractive as REX on P3D but we have anyway very beautiful things.

To summarize X-Plane is an “economic” simulator because few publishers works on this plateform, thus little to spend, but with an excellent experience of flight and very beautiful textures, free of charge because developed by the X-Plane community.


Here is the nonexhaustive list which will send back to all you will need to live your experience of flight with X-Plane :


The Free :

The “ZL” or Zoom Level is the level of Zoom used for making the Tiles in Satellite Photo. Software as Ortho4XP allow to realize oneself the different tiles (the world being divided into small pieces called Tiles):

A tile corresponds to a surface of 1° of longitude x 1° of latitude, thus a surface in km² variable according to the latitude: approximately 111 km x 111 km in the equator, approximately 78 x 111 km in the latitude 45 °

At every superior Zoom Level, the resolution increases two times and the files size increase by 4.

  • For a zoom of Level 15 (env 4.8 m/pixel), every tile takes approximately 400 to 600 Mb.
  • For a zoom of 16 (env 2.4 m/pixel), every tile takes approximately 1,8 Go.
  • For a zoom of 17 (env 1.2 m/pixel), every tile takes between 7 and 8 Go
  • For a zoom of 18 (env 60 cms/pixels), a whole tile would take approximately 32 Go.

Source FAQ Zone-Photo

Do not forget that the embellishment of X-Plane is based on the works of the community, with a very strong community. Then do not hesitate to join the various websites of this increible community to exchange, learn it more and of course, share !

Here are some Websites and Forums only reserved for X-Plane:

Here are some Websites with Quality Payware Add-ons :

And others more general for P3D and X-Plane:

The publishers are more and more numerous to propose sceneries, planes and textures for X-Plane, as Carenado, Aerosoft, Beti-X… You will find the majority of the Payware on this site:

When the ATC gets involved in…

Because without ATC it is less funny, and in the optics to simulate the reality as close as possible, conversation with the Air Traffic Controllers is an other way to come closer to reality. 3 platforms exist. The 2 first ones are free. The controllers are well trained but are not professional. They cover the whole world and simulate well enough the real phraseology. Unfortunately the control is mainly made around the big regional airports. The last one, PilotEdge is a private company which employs of professional retired or reconverted controllers, thus excellent in term of realism. The only covered Zone is South California, but this time it is totally covered.
  • IVAO : The most popular. Very effective in Europe because there are many Air Traffic Controllers.
  • VATSIM : More effective in the United States
  • PilotEdge : Have to pay to use it, very realistic, but only in South California.
Do not hesitate to download the IPhone/Android Apps of the 2 first ones to know opened zones of the Air Control. It allows you to Prepare your flight in the zAir Traffic Controlled area and to train your Phraseology.