The C206 or Stationair

The C206 or Stationair

The family and the perfect utility Plane…

Cessna 206 made its first flight in 1965. From the beginning of its production it was declined in two versions : a passenger version and a utility vehicule version. In 1971 it was renamed “Stationair”. From then only one version was than produced. As for all its range of single-engined aircrafts, Cessna abandoned the production of Cessna 206 in 1985. This one started again in 1994 with two versions: Cessna Stationair (206H) and Cessna Turbo Stationair (T206H), the second one was propelled by a turbo-compressor engine.

Between 1965 and 2004, Cessna produced more than 6500 Stationair.

With its Cruising Speed of 161 Kts, a Fuel endurance of 700 Nautical miles (Paris-Rome) and its 6 Seats, the Cessna Stationair is an excellent family plane.

The lovers of this wonderful aircraft can purchase it for the modest cost of 380 000 € (and 450 000 € for the Turbo version).


Technical informations :


Length: 8.61 m
Height: 2.83 m
Wingspan: 11.00 m
Wings Surface: 16.17 m2

The perfect Family Plane

Paris to Rome in 4 hours...

En version hydravion

Seaplane Version


Height: 1.26 m
Width: 1.08 m
Length: 3.68 m
Max Occupant: 6


Weight: 180 lb (81.6 kg)


Max Ramp Weight: 3,806 lb (1,726 kg)
Max Takeoff Weight: 3,789 lb (1,719 kg)
Max Landing Weight: 3,600 lb (1,633 kg)
Usable Fuel Weight: 522 lb (237 kg)
Usable Fuel Volume: 87 gal (329 l)
Basic Empty Weight: 2,336 lb (1,060 kg)
Useful Load: 1,470 lb (667 kg)
Max Payload: 1,264 lb (573 kg)
Full Fuel Payload: 948 lb (430 kg)

Utility Version

Cockpit depuis 2005

Cockpit since 2005


Max Cruise Speed: 161 ktas (298 km/h)
Max Range: 703 nm (1,302 km)
Takeoff Distance: 1,970 ft (600 m)
Landing Distance: 1,395 ft (425 m)
Service Ceiling: 26,000 ft (7,925 m)
Max Climb Rate: 960 fpm (293 mpm)
Max Limit Speed: 182 kias (337 km/h)
Stall Speed: 57 kcas (106 km/h)