An Airport made by ORBX

An Airport made by ORBX

Flight Simulator according to ORBX :

To create an Ultra Realistic simulator using P3D, the principle is the following one: You add the Mesh (That is the height of all the grounds of your simulator). You add the Landscape, than you add the textures (trees, flowers…) and the Vectors (Roads, forests, cities) based on the OSM (Open Street Map: These are the Cartographic data of the world). The combination of all this creates the whole World where you Fly.

You can then add regions which are entirely revised by ORBX to be ultra precise and realistic. You add to that Airports reproduced identically and you have a splendid Landscape.

It is then necessary to add the Sky and Clouds textures …REX (REX 4 Texture Direct & REX Skyforce 3D) proposes wonderful textures to make your Simulator even more realistic. TOGA Project with its software ENVTEX also propose beautiful textures.

You add to that your Weather engine proposed by Hifi or OPUS FSI which is going to give you the real weather report of the place you actually are.

And to finish, buy some beautiful planes at Carenado or A2A.

To arrive at such a level of detail you’re going to use your credit card …

You can also improve the Rendering of your sim using better Contrast, Color… You will need PTA or ENVSHADE. These softwares will change the general aspect of your Sim using some Custom files (the Presets) Created by the Community, by you or by Editors (as REX…)….


ORBX Germany

REX 4 Texture Direct

Hifi - Active Sky Next


ORBX Europe Airport

ORBX Welshpool Airport

REX Sky Texture

REX Cloud Texture

When the ATC gets involved in…

Because without ATC it is less funny, and in the optics to simulate the reality as close as possible, conversation with the Air Traffic Controllers is an other way to come closer to reality. 3 platforms exist. The 2 first ones are free. The controllers are well trained but are not professional. They cover the whole world and simulate well enough the real phraseology. Unfortunately the control is mainly made around the big regional airports. The last one, PilotEdge is a private company which employs of professional retired or reconverted controllers, thus excellent in term of realism. The only covered Zone is South California, but this time it is totally covered.
  • IVAO : The most popular. Very effective in Europe because there are many Air Traffic Controllers.
  • VATSIM : More effective in the United States
  • PilotEdge : Have to pay to use it, very realistic, but only in South California.
Do not hesitate to download the IPhone/Android Apps of the 2 first ones to know opened zones of the Air Control. It allows you to Prepare your flight in the zAir Traffic Controlled area and to train your Phraseology.