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News of the Flight Deck

News of the Flight Deck


MAY, 2017

Here are some photos of the progression of the Panel. Nearly finished…


Every parts are on their right place, Ruscool is actually writing the program. It will be send in 1 or 2 weeks and will be mounted during June in the Sim.

The Full Panel

Flight Deck progress

Making the PC


MAY, 2017

Here are some photos of the progression of the Panel. It’s still in construction in Ruscool and will be finished soon.

We can see that the 2 x G1000 Screen from and the 3 Gauges from TRC are assembled.

The Circuit Braker and the LED system are also assembled and working. I show you some photos of the Trim part and the Switch Panel lower…


The full Panel…

Making the PC

Making the PC


MAY, 2017

Wanda from 1080 X Ultra just finished the Simulation PC.

The PC will be composed by  :

  • Motherboards : Asus ROG STRIX X99 GAMING
  • CPU Processor : Intel Core i7-6900K (3.2 GHz)
  • Water Cooling Systems : Corsair H110i Hydro Series
  • Memory : 64 Go DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z, 3200 Mhz
  • Graphic Card : Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ROG STRIX OC – 11 Go
  • SSD for Windows 10 : Samsung Série 850 EVO, 500 Go
  • SSD for Simulation : Samsung Série 850 EVO, 1000 Go
  • Power Supplies : Corsair HX750i, 750W (Platinium)

The OC testing for the CPU is still in progress. It’s actually at 4.2 Ghz but still not stable…

Video assembly of the PC

Checklist Ready !

Cessna Checklist Ready !


APRIL, 2017

I just finished the Printing of the different Checklists of the Cessna that will be used on the Simulator.

These are the 5 Cessna that I will fly with my Sim :

  • C172 by Carenado (For X-Plane and P3D)
  • C182 by Carenado (For X-Plane and P3D)
  • C206H by Carenado (For X-Plane and P3D)
  • C172 by A2A (For P3D)
  • C182 by A2A (for P3D)
Cockpit Wood View 2

Cessna CT182T by Carenado

Wood Cockpit construction – Part 3

Wood Cockpit Construction – Part 3


MARCH, 2017

The Carpet has been added and the leather too. The Overhead lights works well. I’m still waiting for the Flight Desk from Ruscool but it seems to be nearly finished.

The Video projector is here. I’m actually making a rail system fo fix it and that allow me to move it. Because the ceiling is low (211 cm), I need to make a system that don’t waste me too much hight. I use an Optoma 320UST (Very Short Focal) and when the Video Projector is hanged to the ceiling, I lose almost 40cm (from the beginning of the ceiling and where the Image start). So the image start at almost 171 cm from the floor (that’s not very high).

The 100″ Screen will arrive in 3 weeks.

The 2 Lateral Screens are now hanged up on the Doors…

Cockpit Wood View 2

The 2 Lateral Screens are now Hanged in the Windows

Circuit Breaker Cessna

Circuit Breaker Cessna


MARCH, 2017

A new photo from Ruscool in New Zealand that show me the photos of the freshly engraved Circuit Breaker Panel of my futur Cessna Home Cockpit Sim. Looks great no ?

The LED lights will be added to looks as real as possible… More in few days…

Dean from Ruscool sent me the photo of the bare PCBs to show what it will eventually look like from behind.

Cockpit Wood View 2

Circuit Breaker from Behind